If the "renter" or the "driver" is liable for damage based on the "Agreement" and Detailed Regulations, 
insurance money up to the following limits shall be paid to him/her from the accident insurance policy concluded by the Company for the "rent a car", 
provided that payment of such insurance money does not fall under an exemption in the insurance policy conditions.   

-Compensation for third party personal injury : Unlimited per person
(including compulsory automobile liability insurance)
-Compensation for third party property damage : Unlimited per accident
(deductible up to 50,000 yen)
-Compensation for personal injury : Up to 30,000,000 yen per person

*Compensation for business 
Excess/Deductible: 5,000 yen + fuel cost if tank not filled before return
75,000 yen fixed for any damage to rental vehicle if vehicle drivable or
150,000 yen fixed for any damage to rental vehicle if vehicle not drivable
Plus 50,000 yen fixed for any damage to third party vehicles or property  
Tow truck transportation cost limit 150,000 yen
*In case of an accident, the rental contract will be finished. In addition, the rental fee we have received will not be refunded.
*If the tow truck transportation cost to our designated factory exceeds 150,000 yen, the customer will be responsible for it.